Painted ABS vs Painted Fiberglass Tonneau Covers

Painted ABS vs Painted Fiberglass Tonneau Covers

Which is better? We have been selling tonneaus for more than 10 years now in markets where the weather can be both extremely cold and hot. Because of our patented design and our very select composite of ABS materials, our covers are very capable of handling these extreme temperatures without warping or damage. Our quality of workmanship and negligible returns have so satisfied our customers that we are now one of the most widely distributed tonneau covers in the wholesale industry. We believe that our painted ABS covers have proven to be superior to Fiberglass regardless of the conditions or application.

  • UnderCover’s investment creates a state of the art paint facility

    We have recently invested a staggering 5 million dollars on a brand-new, state of the art paint facility which was built with the sole purpose of providing the highest quality and best matching OEM paint finish available for our ABS covers. In order to produce this level of quality, our facilities provide a protected environment so that the tonneau is never exposed to outside air upon entering the paint booth. It travels through a secured tunnel system that delivers the cover into a booth that cleanses it of all dirt, dust and grime. Inside of that booth, we are able to control all of the variables, making sure there are no particles that could cause any defects in the paint finish.

  • 5 reasons UnderCover tonneaus are far superior to Fiberglass
    1. At an average of 65 lbs, our hard covers are half the weight of Fiberglass and some of the lightest on the market. This makes removal and installation a breeze, especially considering our no-drill hardware can remain on the trucks bedrails at all times.

    2. Our ABS composite is stronger, and more durable than Fiberglass.

    3. UnderCover has the best paint match in the industry. If we don’t carry your color, we offer a smooth ready to paint model.

    4. With our expansive distributor/dealer network, you can expect to receive your painted UnderCover in just days instead of weeks.

    5. All of our covers come with wall mount hardware making it easy to store in your garage whenever you remove it. No Fiberglass product offers this feature.

  • Find the cover that looks best on your truck with UnderCover’s Customizer link

    All of our ABS covers are paintable. Check out our Customizer to see how one of our factory color painted tonneau covers look on your truck! Call us at (866) 900-8800 if you would like to speak with one of our knowledgeable reps. We are confident that as you research and shop for a tonneau cover you will find that UnderCover is the product and company that will meet your needs and expectations.