Why Choose A Hard Cover Over A Soft Cover

Why Choose A Hard Cover Over A Soft Cover

Besides personal preference or budget considerations when choosing a tonneau cover for your truck, does it really matter whether you choose a hard or soft cover? We’d like to help you consider some of the factors in making an informed choice.

  • Soft Cover:
    The advantage of a soft cover is that it’s going to be your lower cost option while still providing the benefits of improved fuel economy and keeping your cargo protected from the elements. Typically being constructed of vinyl on an aluminum frame, one downside of a soft cover is that while it serves as a deterrent to thieves, your gear is still vulnerable. Another negative is that while removing the cover is easy, operating the cover in cold conditions can be an exercise in frustration.

  • Hard Cover:
    On the flipside, a hard tonneau cover is as good as securing your gear in a locked trunk. And it can be just as easy - now standard on our Elite LX cover, the lock can be custom matched to your trucks factory ignition key. So aside from superior protection from thieves and the elements, the main advantage of a hard tonneau cover is the stunning finish it gives your truck. We have a brand new, state of the art paint facility built for the sole purpose of providing the highest quality and best matching paint finish available.

Concerned that a hard cover would be inconvenient for the amount of tall cargo you carry? All of our tonneaus can be easily removed and re-installed by two people in just minutes - no tools required. Or, check out our UnderCover Flex, which provides the advantages of a hard tonneau while still offering multiple riding positions without ever having to remove your cover.

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