5 Reasons Why Your Truck Bed Needs A BedRug

5 Reasons Why Your Truck Bed Needs A BedRug
  • What is a BedRug liner?

    A BedRug bed liner is the most innovative and unique truck bed liner there is with the look and comfort of carpet, in an ultra-tough 100% polypropylene (essentially plastic) product. That means not only will it protect your truck bed from impact dings and damage, it will hold up in extremely harsh conditions. Along with the best protection for your truck bed, it is easy to install and there is no need for sanding or drilling that damages the structure of your truck.

  • 5 reason why you need one
    1. It completes the look of your customized truck bed. See for yourself. The Elite LX with a BedRug give any truck a professional finish built to task on whatever task at hand.

    2. It has a 3/4 inch cushioned floor. If your like us, your in and out of your truck bed a lot. Save your knees the torture of bone on metal. With a BedRug bed liner, you can use your truck bed without dreading the unloading process.

    3. Stains are a thing of the past. With the innovative polypropylene material bleach, oil, and even battery acid cannot soak in and can be power washed out with ease.

    4. Damage to your cargo. The anti-skid surface of a BedRug bed liner prevents your most recent purchases from sliding around the bed of your truck.

    5. Easy to clean, simple to remove. Cleaning out the bed of your truck without a bed liner can be hard work and stains might stick like glue. The BedRug bed liner is as easy as spraying it out with a water hose. If you choose to remove it for any reason he adhesive 3M will remain on your bed surface when your ready to put it back in.