Why The UnderCover SwingCase Is Changing Truck Bed Storage

Why The UnderCover SwingCase Is Changing Truck Bed Storage

Long past are the days of clunky toolboxes that take up large volumes of truck bed space. With the revolutionizing SwingCase by UnderCover, the hassle of reaching for your tools is as easy as unlatching the tailgate.

  • First, let’s take a look at the specs of SwingCase
    • Lightweight Design With UnderCover’s use of durable ABS plastics, the SwingCase weighs in at a mere 1.2 pounds, and capable of holding up to 75 lbs. This makes SwingCase simple to remove, and easy to maneuver.

    • Custom Fit SwingCase’s revolutionizing design allows it to tuck neatly into the unused space in the wheel well of your truck and not use the brunt of your truck bed.

    • Easy Access The location in front of the wheel well and use of an easy access latch helps you get to your tools in a faster, more efficient manner.

    • Weather Proof Nothing is worse than rusted tools and wet straps. The moisture resistant seal and water wicking ABS material of the Swing Case keep your cargo dry.

    • Dual-Point Security Two locking points, and a weather stripping seal, provide maximum security for your belongings. SwingCase has a top mounted key lock to keep out unwanted guests, and coupled with a $2.00 pad lock mounted on the case bracket, the SwingCase cannot be removed.

The SwingCase has all the features any handyman needs. Whether your seeking to organize your truck bed, or simply need a place to store emergency supplies, the affordable pricing and custom fit enables you to have a Swing Case for each side of your truck. Click here to find a dealer for your SwingCase and Tonneau Cover needs today.