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  • NightHawk $30 Rebate - June/July 2017 NightHawk $30 Rebate - June/July 2017

    For a limited time only, get a $40 mail-in rebate when you purchase a NightHawk Light Brow for Jeep®. Offer valid in the US and Canada only.

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    NightHawk Light Brow for Jeep®

    NightHawk Light Brow dramatically changes the attitude of your factory Jeep® grille. Painted to match from our state of the art paint facility, the brow is ready for install fresh out of the box: no added expense of taking it to the shop. Installation is simple. In less than 5 minutes with no drilling required, your Light Brow can be mounted on your factory grille, instantly enhancing your Jeep’s® front end styling. Built from high density ABS, NightHawk is trail-tested and road proven. Sleek, low profile and downright sexy: go from stock to not with the NightHawk Light Brow by UnderCover.